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Personal Power Templates by Bryan

A unique 4-month psychic recommendation list channeled by Bryan especially for you!  $75

Includes 2 Accelerators of Your Choice and Keys to Your Past Lives!

Are you interested in knowing how to accelerate your energy and consciousness? Would you like to know what items and spiritual infusions are needed to accomplish this? No matter what you are looking to achieve….healing, prosperity, creative inspiration, harmonious relationships/partnerships, personal transformation or all of the above, this template will assist you in achieving your goals. Your personal template will provide you with options to greatly enhance your life, renew your energy, increase your motivation and trigger the next step in your destiny pattern.

As you utilize all of the elements of your template, you will notice greater intuition, more synchronicities and a deeper connection with your guides and angels.  You will also feel more uplifted, balanced, positive and in the flow of Spirit.  To assist you, Bryan and his team will tune in to your current life pattern and your guides and angels to bring you the specific 'magic' formulation/combination you need at this time!

What You Will Receive?  A simple and easy to follow list of psychic recommendations for….foods to eat, colors to wear, Items for your home, specific things to do, pieces of music to listen too, videos & movies to watch, places to go, books to read, things to visualize and focus on in meditation, things to research, essential oils & crystals to use, your current totem animal and keys to your past lifes.

Special Note: The template takes 2 weeks to formulate, which we will send to you via email.  Email your two accelerator choices, your astrological birth sign and your current location to us at lightquest@sbcglobal directly after you place your order.  The images will be sent to you free of charge two days after we receive the order.  If we do not hear from 2 within 48 hours of placing your order, Bryan will go ahead and choose the images for you. 

Personal Power Template
Personal Power Template
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Special Price Accelerator Packages


We are pleased to offer the following product packages at special prices for you! Ordering these large packages will give you a huge boost in energy and an unusually rapid acceleration in consciousness.  In addition, the energy in your home will expand, your creativity and multidimensional awareness will be enhanced and you will experience a more vivid dream state and deeper spiritual connection.

1.  Full Set of 320 Accelerator/Medical Images - $1995.  $245 Savings - Free shipping Domestic & Intl.
2. Masterworks + Full set of accelerators - $2145 - $270 savings - Free shipping Domestic & Intl.
3.  200 Accelerator Images of your choice - $1300.  $100 savings - Free Domestic Shipping.
4.  100 Accelerator Images of your choice - $650.  $50 savings - Free Domestic Shipping.
5.  Full set of 63 Medical Miracle images - $395.  $46 savings - Free Domestic Shipping. 
6.  Masterworks + 50 Accelerators of your choice - $500.  $25 savings - Free Domestic Shipping.


Package 1. Package 2. Package 3.
Free Domestic &
International Shipping
Free Domestic &
International Shipping
Free Domestic Shipping
Package 4. Package 5. Package 6.
Free Domestic Shipping Free Domestic Shipping Free Domestic Shipping


Study Guides From Bryan's Classes


Would you like to have at your fingertips, a valuable resource for personal growth and empowerment?  Full sets of notes and information from previous LightQuest classes are now available for you.  These notes contain Bryan’s personal insights, channeled messages and information directly from the Spiritual hierarchy and the Ashtar Command that you will not find in books, on the internet or anywhere else on the planet. Having these informational guides will give you the time to study, review and integrate all of the extensive spiritual information at your own pace.  You may even want to follow along as you listen to an Instant Activation session!

If you need more information about one of the classes below, please click on this link and scroll down to read all about the session!    Click here  - Instant Activations!

Special note:  Lightmasters notes are more extensive and do not come with a teaching certificate or webpage.  Also, if you have attended a particular Lightmasters session and would like the notes from class, you can purchase them for a discounted price of $25….email us at lightquest@sbcglobal.net and we will send you an invoice.


Supernatural Occurrences  $20          Angel School 1 & 2  /  2 sets of notes $40          Medical Intuition  $20              

Laboratory of Creation  $20          Academy of Energy & Magic  $20          Magical Art of Self Promotion $20            

What Planet am I from?  $20         The Basics of Feng Shui & Magic House  $20         Miracles & Possibilities  $20


Lightmasters 1 ~ Manifesting Destiny & Multidimensional Manifestation  $50

Lightmasters 2 ~ Essential Programming & Cellular Healing  $50

Lightmasters 3 ~ Psychic Development & Psychic Activation Initiation  $50

Lightmasters 4 ~ Channeling and Angels & Spirit Guides  $50

Lightmasters 5 ~ Animal Communication & Earth Healing  $50


Supernatural Occurrences Angel School
1 & 2
Feng Shui Notes Medical IntuitionThe Academy of
Energy & Magic
The Magical Art
of Self Promotion
What Planet
am I From?
Miracles & Possibilities
Lightmasters 1 Lightmasters 2Lightmasters 3Lightmasters 4Lightmasters 5
Manifestiny Your Destiny &
Multidimensional Healing
Essential Programming
& Cellular Healing
Psychic Development &
Psychic Intiation Activation
Channeling & Angels
and Spirit Guides
Animal Communication
& Earth Healng


Energize My Life!


An Energetic Assistance & Support Program for You!

Do you need an energy boost? Do you need powerful, etheric assistance to uplift your business, upgrade your health, enhance your life, family, relationships, pets, home, finances, job? The LightQuest team offer this very special monthly service to bring positive energy into all areas of your life! We have been trained by the Spiritual Hierarchy and are masters at energizing our own business and affairs. Registering for this service gives us permission to set up energetic support systems/template that will anchor in angelic support and assistance for you. We now offer this exclusive service to you! We will energize as a group four times a week, utilizing Lightwave energy and advanced techniques to bring forth blessings and the highest potentials for you.

The energy will build over time and is optimal to do 2-3 months if possible.

1 Month ~ $353 Months ~ $1006 Months ~ $200


Click Here

To get started, just email us at lightquest@sbcglobal.net, or add a note into the special instructions or "note to seller" field during check-out including the information below. As soon as your information is received we will begin energizing for you.

*Astrological Sign
*Current Location
*Your Business Name (if any)








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