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Evergreen Mist2017 Golden Fleece Prosperity RamLavender Spray

Evergreen Mist – Cleanse and renew the energy and fragrance within your environment with the freshness of the forest with our new Evergreen Mist!  This spray will magically transform areas of your household that require freshness and clarity at all times.  Use around your kitchen, bathrooms, pet and smoking areas, garage and closets to transform and upgrade theses areas with the energy of a cool, fresh mountain breeze!   Contains:  Contains Fir needle and pine essential oils.    All natural ingredients include natural extracts, hydrosoles, natural plant juices, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 and aloe vera extract. No synthetic ingredients, alcohol, or distilled water. 8 oz. metal bottle  $17

2017 ‘Golden Fleece’ Prosperity Ram – This beautifully crafted piece of art will magnetize a powerful vortex of prosperity energy into your energy field, home and/or place of business!  This magical Golden Ram measures 3.75″ x 2.6″ x 5″ tall and stands on gold coins and a glass base.  Place this beautiful statue beside a money bowl, on top one of our prosperity accelerators or wherever you like to stimulate new levels of abundance and growth in your life for 2017. $35

Lavender Activation Spray – Purify and upgrade the energy of your environment to its highest potential with our new Lavender Activation Spray!  This spray will compel difficult or stubborn energies in the home to cooperate. Use around your body, home, work environment and car to enhance and upgrade the energy!   Contains: Wild lavender & Bulgarian lavender essential oils.  All natural ingredients include natural extracts, hydrosoles, natural plant juices, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 and aloe vera extract. No synthetic ingredients, alcohol, or distilled water. 8 oz. metal bottle  $17


Lava Stone Volcanic Bracelet Double Happiness BirdsLucky Dragon Crystal
Enhances One’s Inner Fire Attracting Love & RelationshipsSuccess in Business

Lava “Fire Stone” Volcanic Bracelet – This activation bracelet is composed of two lava stone bands, one with a Buddha & one with an Om symbol…you can wear these together as shown or separately….Bead size is 8mm, Length: 7.4”-7.6”  Lava is a stone that holds the energy of fire and strength.   Helps one to remain balanced when experiencing change. $16

Double Happiness Love Birds – Double Happiness is an amazing feng shui energizer for attracting love, and enhancing harmony and happiness in relationships.  It symbolizes strong, eternal spiritual and physical love between your romantic partner and you and is used for bringing conjugal and marital bliss to life as well as bringing a double dose of happiness to all possess it.  The Chinese character “Double Happiness” represents joy, happiness, longevity & sacred union.  Display this beautiful sculpture in the SW sector of your living room or bedroom.  Acrylic  5″H x 4″L x 2″W  $35

Lucky Dragon Crystal – The Dragon is a mystical creature, highly revered and extremely auspicious to attract business success and prosperity.  The Dragon emits a special form of chi, known as “Sheng Chi” which attracts prosperity, good luck, abundance and success. It is for this reason that the dragon is such a popular lucky symbol used to enhance business success.  This beautiful hanging charm features a gold dragon grasping a crystal ball and is decorated with a red tassel.  A very impressive charm; the photo really does not do it justice!  14″ long $22


Lightbody Matrix Red Energy Bracelet Rainbow Pyramid
Light Activator Strength, Protection &
Psychic Positive Energy

Lightbody Matrix Crystal – This amazing aurora borealis crystal creates an acceleration of light in your body or in your home. Hang this beautiful Swarovski light-reflecting crystal in a window or wear it as a pendant to activate your light body!   $26

Red Energy Bracelet –  Red activates!  In China, red is the color of strength, protection, wealth and abundance.  In feng shui, red is the ultimate power color imbuing success, happiness and wealth. Wearing this bracelet will bring in a spark of life, enhance your income and give you strength & energy.    .25″ wide, Adjustable cord to any size desired. $9.50.

Rainbow Psychic  ‘Positive Energy’ Pyramid – This beautiful rainbow pyramid infuses your home, business or travel space with positive energy and magic.  It is an important Feng Shui tool which will assist you in the manifestation of your destiny and spiritual path in life.  Place near the center of your home. Glass, 2.5″ tall    $24


Magic Rainbow Car CrystalPink Lotus SprayEnergy Clearing Bells & Shakers
Transform your Car into a Light Ship! Divine Feminine Goddess Fragrance Energy Tools

Magic Rainbow Car Crystal – This gorgeous, large crystal hangs in your car from the rear view mirror and beautifully reflects the sunlight, creating light refractions that clear and energize your car.  The crystal also acts as a guide for the road ahead strengthening your intuition and channeling abilities as you are driving.  40 mm crystal $22

Pink Lotus SprayExperience this highly fragrant, exotic, purifying essential oil spray.  This powerful, feminine goddess scent is connected to Kwan Yin, Lakshmi and Lady Nada.  Use it sparingly around your home to enhance and upgrade the energy.  Made from pure rose petals.  All natural ingredients include natural extracts, hydrosoles, natural plant juices, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera extract. No synthetic ingredients, alcohol or distilled water. 8 oz. metal bottle. $17

Energy Clearing Bells & 2 Egg Shakers – Enhance the power of your healing and clearings with these energy tools.  For personal healing, they can be used to clear dense areas of the body and auric field.  Also, use them daily to keep the energy moving and flowing throughout your home!  Place both shakers in one hand and bells in the other and walk through each room with the focused intention to clear and upgrade the area – should take no more than 5 minutes.  Cluster Bells 5.75” x 2.5”,  Shakers 2.25” x 1.5”   $16


Energy Amulet Essential Oil Package

Uplifts & Clears Your Energy Field!


Pewter diffuser necklace with 4 Essential oils in a gift set.  (Lavender Peppermint, Zen & Inner Peace).

 This gift box contains a beautiful pewter diffuser necklace with four 5 ml bottles of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, and ten refill pads.  Just place a few drops of your favorite essential oil inside and allow it to refresh and uplift your energy.  May also be used for protection and cleansing. Instructions: Simply open the amulet and put 2-3 drops of an essential oil one of the white pads provided.  Close the amulet and wear throughout the day!


Energy Amulet Essential Oil Package
Uplifts & Clears Your Energy Field


This package includes: Beautiful carved incense burner, 2 boxes of Nag Champa 
incense (24 cones), black slate base, white sand & invocation card.

Lets Change the World Together!

Over the centuries, the ceremonial practice and intention of incense burning has maintained a level of enlightenment and consciousness throughout the world.  This is a very powerful spiritual tool to send the energy of spirit through scent and smoke out to the world to transform the consciousness on the planet.  With all of us participating together with this specific package, we are taking part in the next steps to help with the three year rebuilding of the energy on our planet.

For those of you who desire to help and awaken the world on a greater level, the hierarchy has guided us to put together this complete, enlightenment package that will begin to transform global consciousness on a new level.  Many of you have been asking what you can do to bring more light and energy to the planet and you may do this with this evening ceremony.  Very simply, lighting the incense outdoors and saying the special invocation will create a linkup and overlap, connecting with participants all over the world.  This special package contains a beautiful carved brass incense burner, a box of 12 cones of Nag Champa, a black slate coaster to place it on, white quartz sand to place in the burner and an affirmation card to help you focus and send out your prayers and intentions.

Global Enlightenment Project Package 72 Nag Champa Cones
$33 $10

new masters title

Accelerator Prints ~ $7 each

7 Saint Germain 27 Afra & Africa7 Nada
Saint GermainAfra & AfricaLady Nada
(Keeper of the Violet Flame)(Patrons of the Black Race)(Twin Flame of Jesus Christ)
8.5" x 11" $78.5" x 11 $78.5" x 11" $7

Saint Germain  – Keeper of the Violet Flame of Freedom; Master of Alchemy, Transmutation & Ascension

Afra & Africa  – First of Their Race to Ascend; Faith, Freedom, Justice & Mercy

Lady Nada – Master of Compassion, Healing, Upliftment, Unity & Service

7 Prince Oromasis7 Temple of Liberty7 Serapis Bey
Prince OromasisTemple of LibertySerapis Bey
(Hierarch of the Fire Element)(Chamuel, Rowena & Orion)(Keeper of the Ascension Flame)
8.5" x 11" $78.5" x 11 $78.5" x 11 $7

Prince Oromasis – Master of the Sparkling Flame; Directs the Sacred Fire to Earth

Temple of Liberty – The ethereal temple of light where individuals obtain true spiritual power and karmic redemption,

ultimately achieving full agency over their own actions & lives.

Serapis Bey – Chohan of the 4th Ray, High Priest from Atlantis; Ancient Egyptian Mystery School Teacher

7 Mary Magdalene7 Kwan Yin7 Isis
Mary MagdaleneKwan YinIsis
(Sacred Sexuality & Healing)(Goddess of Mercy & Compasion)(Goddess of Power & Magic)
8.5" x 11" $78.5" x 11 $78.5" x 11" $7

Mary Magdalene – Divine Earth Companion to Jesus Christ; Hope, Devotion & Love

Kwan Yin – Goddess of Mercy, Compassion, Love & Forgiveness

Isis – Egyptian Sun Goddess of Initiation, Beauty, Strength, Courage

7 Saint Germain 17 El Morya7 Confucius
St Germain IIEl MoryaConfucius
(Keeper of the Violet Flame)(Power, Goodwill & Faith)(Wisdom and Purity)
8.5" x 11" $78.5" x 11" $78.5" x 11" $7

Saint Germain  – Keeper of the Violet Flame of Freedom; Master of Alchemy, Transmutation & Ascension

El Morya – Master of the Blue Flame; Chohan of the 1st Ray, Carrier of the Sword of Truth

Confucius – Master of Mind & Circumstance; Keeper of the “Precipitation Flame”

7 Apek7 Amethyst 7 Amazonia
ApekHoly AmethystAmazonia
(Will, Faith & Spiritual Power)(Freedom, Invocation & Ceremony)(Power, Protection & Opulence)
8.5" x 11 $78.5" x 11" $78.5" x 11" $7

 Master Apek – Blue Ray server and one of the main auxiliaries of El Morya; Service, Protection & Spiritual Power

Amethyst – Archeia of the 7th Ray & Twin Flame of Archangel Zadkiel; Mercy

Amazonia – Elohim of the 1st Ray & Twin Flame of Hercules; Omnipotence and Protection; Blue Sapphire




Ashtar Command Music CD’s  – Awesome, Inspiring, Activating! 
wp agc cdwp wavestar cdwp diamond starfield cd
AGC Ashtar CommandWavestar ExperienceAGC Diamond Starfield

These CDs are an amazing fusion of ambient, melodic, meditative and electronic music! Designed by the Ashtar Command, in conjunction with the Federation of Light, they create a very unique, multidimensional musical experience which will expand and upgrade your consciousness each time you listen to them. Awaken and inspire your mind, boy and spirit while activating your multidimensioinal DNA and psychic circuitry, allowing you to connect with your star origins and personal destiny. Enjoy!   $20 each

Click here to listen to some short samples of the AGC CD!
Click here to listen to some short samples of the Wavestar Experience CD!
Click here to listen to some short samples of the Diamond Starfield CD!


new poster title

 Terra Christa Stargate & Lightbody Activation Poster  

Galactic Ascension Posters Details - Read More! - Click Here

The new Terra Christa stargate system encircles our beloved planet Earth and was designed through our consciousness in conjunction with the Ascended Masters, the Angels and the Galactic Brother and Sisterhoods of Light.  This new, etheral gate system is now fully operational and connected to all of the newborn star-portals on Earth including Ascension Island, Niagara Falls, Findhorn-Scotland, Meteor Crater, Paris-France, Hudson Valley, Buffalo Lake, Easter Island, etc. Placing this art-piece in your home will create an aditional gate portal from your personal living space through the new stargate to Terra…get ready to ascend!

The Ashtar Command Lightbody Activation portrait brings into conscious reality the blueprint of your divine manifest self. It is the physical, universal representation of your soul essence without the distortions of duality. When one can see and experience the image of their real self it acts as a focus and catalyst for manifestation. If one connects with this Lightbody portrait each day, a profound change begins to manifest in one’s body, relationships and entire reality. This stunning portrait acts as a bridge which assists you in remembering who you truly are and why you are here. This opens new doorways and possibilities into the future and beyond…it is an experience that is both magical and empowering.

These unique art-pieces are printed on quality photo-gloss paper and can be framed or mounted as is. The posters are shipped in a heavy-duty, first class mailing tube.

Terra Christa Stargate
Lightbody Activation
Terra Christa Stargate &
Lightbody Activation Poster Set

Lightwave Activation Poster


This colorful poster brings activation codes from many dimensions into your home, office or healing space.  In addition, it will magnify your own internal healing powers, activate your hand chakras and give your energy a boost when needed.

Christ Consciousness Activation Template 

This activation poster is a beacon of Christ Consciousness light and energy which will enhance the vibration in, through and around your home.  This image was also designed to magnify your energy healing abilities and help you keep a strong connection to your guides and angels.  You can place the poster anywhere you like in your home or office and watch the magic unfold!



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