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(pictured from left to right.....#124 Moon over Shamballa, #131 Credence, #194 The Chalice, #233 Contact, #285 Temple of God, #333 Rainbow Cities of Light,  #65 City of Light, #38 Collective Tapestry, #31 Robes of Light, 21 Physical Akashic Record Building, & #2 Through the Looking Glass)


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8 Accelerators for $50

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Moon over Shamballa


The Chalice


Temple of God

Rainbow Cities of Light

City of Light

Collective Tapestry

Robes of Light

Physical Akashic Record Building

Through the Looking Glass


Starbuilder Activities & Lightwork


 The following information is being provided for you to focus on and energize for the next 3 weeks.   You can include this information in your morning meditations or focus on one or more of the categories using Lightwave, verbal affirmations and intention to bring these things into manifestation.   The more you focus and energize these, the more they will manifest!

Seeding of Consciousness

Send millions of golden seeds of awakening light from your heart into the hearts and minds of humanity. Visualize a great bridge of light bringing humanity’s  greatest past accomplishments into the present time to reenergize and accelerate the energy on Earth.


Visualize millions of blue streams of light flooding the Earth containing all the terra-forming knowledge, blueprints and energy for rejuvenating the planet.  See the hearts and minds of humanity being open and willing to work with these incoming infusions of information and light.  You can work with a map of the world to do this if you like!

Dreams and Visions

In your minds eye, see every person on Earth receiving a vision or a dream about the New Age of Light that will transform their thinking and inspire them to take positive action because of it.

The Ascension Process

Take a deep breath and breathe in the word Ascension….and then breathe out the word Ascension.  Now in your mind and heart, align with the energy of planetary enlightenment and commit to your role within it. Visualize your energy field accelerating as you ascend up into the higher dimensions of light.

Books for Review


Prysm of Lyra & Preparing for Contact Lyssa Royal/Keith Priest:  An exploration of human galactic heritage and a tutorial on how to prepare yourself for conscious ET / Human contact.

The Secret of Shamballa James Redfield:  A simple and direct, high-level, spiritual teaching made accessible through adventurous and masterful storytelling.

Ponder on This Alice Bailey:  An excellent presentation of the themes found in the 24 books by Alice A. Bailey and Djwhal Khul.  Listed alphabetically by subject, this is a great place to start a quest for enlightenment.  Topics include Energy and Force, Mind, Death, the Plan, Time, Space and Money etc.

Elanra: The Healing of Orion Solara: A wild and often hilarious love story between a fallen angel and a star commander which takes place during the devastating Intergalactic Wars in Orion.


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