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Come join us!  Our high-energy, international tele-activations and online seminars, provide the easiest and most convenient way to enhance your psychic skills as well as increase your energy, manifestation power and healing abilities.  Enjoy, Bryan & the LightQuest Team

Journey to the Mystical Chamber of the Emerald Tablets & Awaken the Seven Sacred Flames within - Paramagnetic Alignment Activation Experience 2017!

Live International Tele-Session with Bryan  $75

Saturday - June 24, 2017  9:00 AM  to 11:00 AM  (Las Vegas/Pacific Time) 
Includes Free admission to the upcoming tele-session "Rituals of the Soul!


This is a set of four paramagnetic alignments plus activations given directly to you by Bryan. This session will create a dramatic realignment and activation of your four lower bodies (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual). During these alignments each individual will experience personal healings, inner initiations and massive soul retrieval. The alignments include:

Mental Body Recalibration….which releases confusion and conflict patterns within the mind, allowing the higher mental body to operate without interference.

Emotional Body Realignment…which will clear and stabilize the feeling and desire bodies & assist with emotional detachment and compassion. You will also learn how to clear and release instantly & permanently any lower emotions such as hate, anger, fear, stress, depression and anxiety.

Physical Body Realignment…which is a series of healing energetic infusions, designed to upgrade the current condition of the physical body and clear any limiting patterns currently being experienced.

Spiritual Body Recalibration…which is an activation of the Golden Christed ‘Angelic Shield’ and ‘light language’ force-fields in, through and around the body. When operational, this protects you from distortional energies and external programming.

An incredible experience you will never forget! Come join us!

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If you are attending the tele-session... click here for more information!


Live International Tele-Session with Bryan 

Saturday - July 8, 2017  10:00 AM (Las Vegas/Pacific Time) $20


There are many secret rituals and unusual routines that many human souls participate in to elevate & enliven their earthly experience.  Come partake in this fascinating exploration and discussion guided by the Ascended Masters that will both intrigue and stimulate your perspectives about the many options you have to enhance your daily life.  This dialogue will open your mind and free your energy to experience those things a soul needs and desires to help bring excitement and spontaneity into your daily experience.

Rituals of the Soul


If you are attending the tele-session... click here for more information!


It is time to prepare yourself…

 5 Level Merkaba Building Workshop! 

Designing Your New Multidimensional Christed Template, 7D Merkaba Field and Personal Ascension Grids  

Live International Tele-Session with Bryan

Saturday - July 22, 2017  9:00 to 11:00 AM (Las Vegas/Pacific Time) $50


Come join Bryan and the LightQuest Team as we embark on the fascinating process of building our new expanded Merkaba vehicle for multi-dimensional travel through the universe.  This newly re-calibrated & re-coded 2017 template is being specially transmitted through this session by the Federation of Planets and the Solar Councils of Light.  This new template will allow your physical body and conscious to easily adapt, integrate and explore more expanded experiences within the transitioning human and planetary energy fields. This includes more enhanced extra-terrestial contacts & communications, staying upgraded and updated regarding the daily shifts within Earths energy field and quicker access & transport to the ships and other dimensional worlds in instant ascension and evacuation scenarios.
 This is a wonderful opportunity to receive the new full Merkaba field, ascension templating training and activation.  This will be an incredible transmission and infusion of high energy for all in attendance!


5 Level Merkaba Building Workshop



Radio Interview with Bryan - Fantastic!

Awaken to Happiness Now





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