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High Energy Session with Artist & Visionary Bryan de Flores!

Bryan’s unique and empowering international classes will awaken. enlighten and inspire you to the next level of your journey and destiny. These sessions are designed to strengthen your manifestation powers, enhance your intuitive/psychic senses, heal & youthen your physical  body and re-energize your spirit.  The popular Earthstar sessions are a great way to get involved with global healing and connect with other like minded people around the planet. Attending these easy to access sessions keeps you at the forefront of what’s happening on Earth and in the Galactic realms. These classes are easily accessible by landline, Skype or cell phone from all over the world!

International Attendees: Our international teleconference are attended by people all over the world.  If you are interested and are in a different time zone, the best thing to do is plan on getting an early night, wake up 30 minutes before the session, grab a cup of coffee & your favorite muffin or cookie and enjoy the high energy!  Many of our clients from different countries love getting up in the middle of the night….they say it is a really wonderful experience once or twice a month, as it is quiet, focused and a great time to receive the energy.  If you have any questions or need assistance regarding the sessions email us at 

Ashtar Command Summit Experience December 2019

Live! International Tele-Activation with Bryan
Saturday December 7, 2019  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time)  – $65

Welcome All Starseeds, Earth Angels, Galactic Ambassadors!

 All the Latest Updates, Solar Infusions and News Regarding Ascension & Planet Earth!

Registering for this Class includes a free ‘Golden Ticket’ to the New Year’s Party “Magic Box”!

This energizing and informative session will begin by discussing the new stream of fascinating data being transmitted from the Ashtar Command & Galactic Federation of Light.  This new ‘up-to-the-minute’ information will include details on everything listed below!  This will be accompanied by an energetic ‘Solar Activation’, in which each attendee will receive the latest galactic alignment and activation.  All are welcome, come join us!  The Summit session will be approximately 90-120 minutes in length and is easily accessed from every part of the world in the privacy of your own home. You can listen to the Live! teleconference through a telephone, cell phone or even through your computer using an internet communications service, such as Skype, at your specified local time (which is easily determined by using the “time-zone converter” function on

Topics Included:


– The New Millennial-Aquarian Ambassador Bridge      – 2020 Double Blessings: Double for Your Trouble!

– Planetary Turbulence & Fluctuating Energy Fields      – Galactic Federation Health Recommendations for 2020

– Your Next Step: Finding the New Doorway into Your Future!   – Consciousness Isolation & Disconnection Among the Lightworker Community

The 7 Years You Just Lost….and How You are Going to Get Them Back!

– The Rebuilding of Earths Field, Moving Vortexes and Changing Climate

– Upcoming Planetary Prophecies, Global Political Changes, Extra-terrestial Assistance Plans  and more!

 In addition, we will be sending healing energy and light around the planet to humanity and all life streams living here.  Not to be missed! Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

This session will culminate with a special Galactic Solar Activation, which will connect you with the new incoming Galactic energy streams  that will help you manifest your highest potential & greatest future reality in 2020.  Come join us!…more information coming soon!

Ashtar Command Summit Experience (banner 2)

Earthstar Annual Ashtar Command

Summit Experience



If you are attending the tele-session… click here for more information!



Star Angels: 12 Blessings of Christmas December 2019 (banner)

Live! International Tele-Activation with Bryan
Saturday December 21, 2019  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time)  – $20


Season’s Greetings from Lightquest! Come join us on this magical Christmas journey to receive the 12 mystical gifts that will energize and inspire you through the biggest celebration period of the year.  This meditative energy-session will stimulate your mind, trigger many new synchronicities in your life and infuse your consciousness with true meaning and enchantment that this most precious holiday brings.


Star Angels 12 Blessings

Of Christmas


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Live! International Tele-Activation with Bryan
Saturday December 31, 2019  6:00 PM  (Pacific Time)  – $5


Come join us to ring in the New Year 2020 with this super-energized Live! Lightworker celebration!  This event will include many light infusions of prosperity, creativity and higher consciousness for your new journey ahead.  In addition, we close and complete all the energies for the amazing, yet intense year of 2019.  The Magic Box teleconference is designed to upgrade and prepare you for all of the wondrous gifts and miracles yet to come.  It would be our great pleasure to have you in attendance!


Magic Box - A New Years Surprise!


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Lightwave Energy Training (banner)

Lightwave Energy Technology

Experience the Latest Miracle in Healing & Transformation!


Welcome! Come join us for this new expanded Lightwave Training session and learn one of the newest and most powerful energy healing processes on the planet! The technique was designed by the Pleiadians and enhanced through the energy of the Ashtar Command & beautiful accelerator technology of Bryan de Flores. TheLightwaveprocedure is easy-to-learn and produces immediate positive effects for both the beginner and advanced individuals.Lightwave works to restore optimum health and youthen the physical body while increasing your psychic gifts, healing gifts & manifestation powers. The Lightwave technique can be used on yourself and others as well as pets, plants and other living things. This process is the perfect addition to any other transformational modality and will blend with any technique you are currently utilizing. The Lightwave method is energetic in nature and utilizes your hands as receivers and transmitters of the energy, in conjunction with your own intuition & instincts. Also, this new healing technology is very practical as it utilizes simple terminology and can be performed in any location or situation. There are a few different session options from which you can choose.

Lightwave Energy Training (banner 2)

These training sessions will teach you how to transmit a multitude of high-frequency energy infusions to clear and balance your 9-point chakratic system, activate your 12-strand DNA and electron bodies for multidimensional ascension. The sessions include the new Akashic Blueprinting Technique, Bi-Location/Long Distance Healing Techniques and the new ‘channeled’ Lightwave processes for personality cloning and body re-shaping. These techniques will allow you to etherically ‘clone’ personality traits and energetically re-structure, enhance and renew desired/problem areas of your body.

Lightwave Energy Training (banner 3)

Saturday & Sunday   February 8 & 9 2020


New Lightwave Practitioners

Welcome! This for you if you are attending the energy training for the first time. This includes access to all classes, all videos, training webpage and the full color Lightwave manual. If you choose the two easy payments, the second payment is due before February 1, 2020. All payments are non refundable and non transferable.

Full Lightwave Training

All Sessions

Full Lightwave Training

All Sessions Half Payment


Lightwave Practitioners Re-Attunement

This is for all of those individuals who are on our list from a previous Lightwave training. Participating in the re-attunement is very beneficial as there is always new information with each training. In addition, it will give you a huge energy boost and new insights for your personal growth.

Lightwave Re-Attunement

Full Training

All Sessions Saturday & Sunday



More information Coming Soon! 



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Accelerator Astrology (Free Class - banner)

Free! International Tele-Session with Bryan 

Come join Bryan for this exciting free session into the  magic of your own astrology and the very specific, magical combinations of accelerators that will enhance the positive aspects of your star sign, give you extra energy, help you to break through any limitations and expand you to your fullest potential.   Each of the signs will be discussed with interesting, unique perspectives.  





Study Guides From Bryan’s Classes


Study Guides from Bryan's Classes (banner)
Would you like to have at your fingertips, a valuable resource for personal growth and empowerment?  Full sets of notes and information from previous LightQuest classes are now available for you.  These notes contain Bryan’s personal insights, channeled messages and information directly from the Spiritual hierarchy and the Ashtar Command that you will not find in books, on the internet or anywhere else on the planet. Having these informational guides will give you the time to study, review and integrate all of the extensive spiritual information at your own pace.  You may even want to follow along as you listen to an Instant Activation session! Your notes will be sent to you via email, no shipping charges.

If you need more information about one of the classes below, please click on this link and scroll down to read all about the session!    Click here  – Instant Activations!

Special note:  Lightmasters notes are more extensive and do not come with a teaching certificate or webpage.  Also, if you have attended a particular Lightmasters session and would like the notes from class, you can purchase them for a discounted price of $25….email us at and we will send you an invoice.


Supernatural Occurrences  $20          Angel School 1 & 2  /  2 sets of notes $40          Medical Intuition  $20

What Planet am I from?  $20         The Basics of Feng Shui & Magic House  $20         Miracles & Possibilities  $20

Academy of Energy & Magic  $20          Magical Art of Self Promotion $20 








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