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High-Energy Sessions with Artist & Visionary Bryan de Flores

Bryan's unique and empowering international classes will awaken. enlighten and inspire you to the next level of your journey and destiny.  These sessions are designed to   strengthen your manifestation powers, enhance your intuitive/psychic senses, heal & youthen your physical  body and re-energize your Spirit.  The popular Earthstar sessions are a great way to get involved with global healing and connect with other like minded people around the planet. Attending these easy to access sessions keeps you at the forefront of what's happening on Earth and in the Galactic realms. These classes are easily accessible by landline, Skype or cell phone from all over the world!  Choose as you like and enjoy!  Bryan & the LightQuest Team 

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Live International Tele-Session with Bryan 

Saturday - June 23,  2018  9:00 AM  (/Pacific Time) $20

Come join us for the best summer vacation you will ever have!  Take a magical psychic journey with Bryan and the Ashtar Command to many amazing sites around the world and exotic vacation locales to activate new star portals, relax on the beach, gamble in Monte Carlo and party around the world.  This will be a one of a kind experience you will never forget that will supercharge your energy, expand your visionary/intuitive skills and boost your brain capacity exponentially!

The Amazing Multidimensional Summer Vacation Experience!


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Lightwave Energy Training Follow Up Call!

For all attendees of our recent Lightwave Energy Training, this free 45 minute session will take place on Saturday, July 7 at 8:00 AM.
The dial in number and access code will be sent to you via email the evening before the call.



Live International Tele-Session with Bryan 

Saturday - July 7,  2018  9:00 AM  (/Pacific Time) $35

Are you ready for an amazing infusion of galactic light and energy!  Throughout Earth’s history, many high level, multi-layered, special light infusions have been given to Ambassadors and Lightworker’s who are working with the Spiritual Hierarchy & the Galactic Command to uplift the planet.   Come join Bryan and the Ashtar Command for this one of a kind experience, to receive this Galactic ignition within your body that includes a Higher Self Overlay, combined with a Soul Braid and multiple blasts of superluminal light from the Great Central Sun.

This  unique multidimensional session is being offered at this time to stimulate a burst of expansion and light within the human body and consciousness.  Infusion will a set up a rare channel of access for you to the celestial realms…preparing you for the complete transformation into your perfected galactic human body and consciousness.  Not to be missed!



Live International Tele-Session with Bryan 

Saturday - July 21,  2018  9:00 AM  (/Pacific Time) $25

Join us for this summer celebration, as we send luminous streams of light-energy into your body and home.  During this session over 100 Lightwave practitioners will gather together with us to transmit a multitude of subspace healing frequencies directly to you, working with each individual’s specific needs and desires.  In addition, the Magic House matrix will be downloaded and activated/enhanced in each attendee’s home.  This session will culminate with a dream-body activation, beaming over 100 starlight signals into the subconscious mind, enhancing dream-memory and unlocking the many hidden secrets within.

Summer Lightwave Party





Radio Interview with Bryan - Fantastic!

Awaken to Happiness Now





Gift Certificates!

LightQuest gift certificates are available in any amount of your choice, from $5 to $1,000.  Gift certificates are paperless, the purchase receipt includes a redemption code for the certificate recipient. An email will be sent to you with detailed instructions, you can read more information here.  We are also happy to send a physical gift certificate to you or directly to the gift recipient.  Just send us an email at!


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