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High-Energy Sessions with Artist & Visionary Bryan de Flores

Bryan's unique and empowering international classes will awaken. enlighten and inspire you to the next level of your journey and destiny.  These sessions are designed to   strengthen your manifestation powers, enhance your intuitive/psychic senses, heal & youthen your physical  body and re-energize your Spirit.  The popular Earthstar sessions are a great way to get involved with global healing and connect with other like minded people around the planet. Attending these easy to access sessions keeps you at the forefront of what's happening on Earth and in the Galactic realms. These classes are easily accessible by landline, Skype or cell phone from all over the world!  Choose as you like and enjoy!  Bryan & the LightQuest Team 

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Live! International Tele-Activation with Bryan
Saturday September 28, 2019  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time)  - $35

Come be a part of this special lunar drumming activation that will bring forth the power of the new moon, initiating a new prophecy that will create an expansion of energy and light for all of humanity.  Together with our galactic brothers and sisters we will drum in and accelerate the influx of new frequencies coming to the planet.  Join us for this new and exciting global ceremony!

Special Note: We will all be playing our drums to a special & sacred piece of music….but no musical experience necessary, each of us will drum in tune with our inner rhythm as the session progresses.  You will however need a drum for this session… if you don’t already have one, we will provide a couple of links to some affordable ‘good energy drums’ (around $20) for you to check out soon. 

Earthstar: Magic Moon

Drumming Ceremony


Finding Or Making Your Drum


If you already have a drum, that's great....but you can also use anything around your house that will double as a drum such as kitchen pots & pans or the bottoms of small trash cans or buckets...the sound can be really amazing on some of these household items!  To make a drum beater,  you can wrap  cotton balls  and a cloth around a large  wooden spoon,  a spatula, or  the end of a screwdriver creative  and let your guides and angels help you!


If you are looking to purchase a drum for this session, here are some options....


Hand Drum with stick 10"


Buffalo Drum 16" - $58.43


Drum w/Beater 10" - $31.95


Special Note: Be aware that the prices may change or the above items may be go out of stock as people buy them. 

If you are attending the tele-session... click here for more information!


Free! International Tele-Activation with Bryan
Saturday October 5, 2019  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time) 

Come join Bryan for this exciting free session into the  magic of your own astrology and the very specific, magical combinations of accelerators that will enhance the positive aspects of your star sign, give you extra energy, help you to break through any limitations and expand you to your fullest potential.   Each of the signs will be discussed with interesting, unique perspectives. Not to be missed!

You do not have to register for this session….it will become available right here on the classes page from Saturday morning 9:00 AM

Earthstar Double Feature!


Live! International Tele-Activation with Bryan
Saturday October 19, 2019  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time)  - $65


Happiness and Difficulty can come from your own past actions!  Join Bryan and the Ashtar Command for this amazing, ‘new’ speed of light process that will quickly help to clear your personal karma on all dimensional levels and free you from its influence.  This  process has been especially designed for humans in this time period to help release long standing burdens,  negative energy, mental/emotional processing and cycles of difficult past-life issues.  Have no fear, this will be a fun and easy process that will be done with you and for you during this will also be given the tool to utilize this quick process on your own and for others.    Not to be missed!

Abracadabra!...with a wave of your hand and a sparkle in your eye, you effortlessly move in the flow of spirit through every synchronicity and situation…making your life a constant mystical experience.  Come join Bryan & the Spirit Guides, learning how to blend your spiritual powers and metaphysical vocabulary into a smooth integrated, almost imperceptible and amazing manifest form. This session will spark your intuition and fine-tune your energy, allowing you to connect with many different types of spirit guides and people of all ages, easily & effortlessly!

New Ashtar Command Karma Clearing Process &

Earthstar: Spark Your Intuition




Radio Interview with Bryan - Fantastic!

Awaken to Happiness Now





Gift Certificates!

LightQuest gift certificates are available in any amount of your choice, from $5 to $1,000.  Gift certificates are paperless, the purchase receipt includes a redemption code for the certificate recipient. An email will be sent to you with detailed instructions, you can read more information here.  We are also happy to send a physical gift certificate to you or directly to the gift recipient.  Just send us an email at!


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