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classes & schedule


Come join us!  Our high-energy, international tele-activations and online seminars, provide the easiest and most convenient way to enhance your psychic skills as well as increase your energy, manifestation power and healing abilities.  Enjoy, Bryan & the LightQuest Team


The Ultimate Earthstar Experience!

Activation of the Eagles & Multi-Stargate Activation!

 A Live! Seminar with Bryan!

Saturday / April 29 2017 / 10:00 AM (Pacific Time) $37

Calling all Earth Ambassadors...come join us for the biggest multi-stargate activation in 26,000 years! This 2-hour event will bring together individuals from all over the world to assist in awakening all of the new star-portal contact sites on Earth. Together with the Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation, we will utilize our telepathic & energy transmission skills to remotely access and activate the new stargate sites and light grids located within Earth’s 7 continents and undersea locations. Also, we will link all of these sites to the completed multidimensional ‘Christ Consciousness’ Stargate around our planet, which will be used to lift earth into the higher dimensions. Additionally, the Ashtar Command will be awakening and activating all the new Eagle Commander Teams around the planet. Make plans to join us for this unique, exhilarating is the greatest gift you could give to Earth at this time.

Stargate Earth


A Live! Seminar with Bryan!

Saturday  /  May 13, 2017 /  10:00 am (Pacific Time)  $25

Data Streaming is the ability to access, channel, decode and ‘ride’ many streams of energy and information simultaneously with no interruption or interference.  This state-of-the-art training will be a fun and easy to learn introduction to the Galactic Command’s primary form of communication.  This session will include: Personal data access coding to Ashtar’s ship, downloading Federation multiple signal packages, brain capacity/telepathic grid upgrade, expanded memory enhancement & advanced 'triple' third eye awakening activation.


Ashtar Command Data-Streaming

Radio Interview with Bryan - Fantastic!

Awaken to Happiness Now





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