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BryanPic11092Bryan de Flores is the owner and founder of Lightquest International.  Bryan’s journey began on the beaches of Southern California where he was living a normal everyday life up until December 4, 1996.  On this day, Bryan experienced a dramatic shift in consciousness, when he was contacted by the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation of Light which resulted in a complete change of lifestyle, work and location.  During this first contact experience, Bryan’s galactic mission and purpose were revealed and artistic talents from previous interplanetary incarnations were activated.

Subsequently, Bryan found himself gifted with the unusual ability to create highly complex works of art in just minutes. “The imagery and its meaning appears in my mind like a download of music, moving pictures, numbers and symbols,” Bryan says. “My hands begin moving and before long the image in my mind appears on the page.”

Bryan’s beautiful images are designed to trigger a dramatic reconfiguration of our consciousness; assisting us in returning to our original blueprints of divine perfection and connection.  The intricate drawings contain ancient and interplanetary scripts and symbols, which are universal and personal keys to forgotten memories and advanced knowledge.  Bryan’s extraordinary, multidimensional images are accelerators to connect humanity with the new thought fields and streams of consciousness currently merging with our planetary matrix.  To date he has drawn over 13,000 intricate images, each of which has a unique meaning and purpose.

Bryan went on to launch LightQuest International, as a vehicle to bring his work to the world. “Much has been said about the transformative power of art to inspire the mind, calm the emotions and heal the body with its perception, focus and function,” says Bryan.  “My intention with LightQuest International is to take this concept several steps further, producing beautiful art that ignites and awakens people’s hearts and helps them to fulfill their goals and dreams – from enhanced stamina and performance, to increased wealth and optimum health.”

Bryan was also given many extraordinary psychic gifts which allow him to channel art pieces from all dimensions and realms; access past lives; chart time lines throughout history and link together important events; communicate with the Ascended Masters, Galactic Councils, Ashtar Command, Angelic Realms and the Elemental Kingdom.

Bryan also has gifts of energetic healing and DNA activation abilities; frequency recognition; telepathy and the ability to see a person’s 5th dimensional Lightbody and access their energy blueprints.  One of Bryan’s greatest gifts is his remarkable ability to access one’s personal destiny and spiritual mission, giving very clear and detailed information regarding one’s life path, direction and journey here on Earth.



Coralie Pedersen began her destiny mission as a musical linguist and sound healer in Australia.  With the ability to speak the Language of Light, she participated in many group sound healings sessions and practiced as a Lightwave practitioner.  Her path led her to the United States where she currently lives in Las Vegas and handles the Lightquest shipping and website work, is part of the “Energize My Life” team and as a trained musician, helps with the Ashtar command CDs and all music & video projects.




Sheila Graham is a psychic, intuitive counselor and certified Lightwave Energy Healing practitioner with years of experience. She has worked with Bryan and Coralie for many years and really enjoys being part of the Lightquest team! She assists Lightquest with destiny readings, classes and provides Lightwave for “Energize My Life” services.  Sheila also provides valuable business insights, channeled messages and energetic support for the Lightquest organization.


Testimonials on Bryan’s Work 


As always Bryan, I am honored and grateful to be able to experience your work and your vision. Thank you for one of those memorable touchstone moments that change one’s direction and allow a joyous expansion. Your tele-sessions are always very profound.    – P. USA


Hello Bryan, I have read the channeled messages from the Starpeople and I am very excited with everything I read. The images are so beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to put this information and the images on your website for us. I appreciate your time and consideration. I am still reading and working daily with your accelerator cards and Masterworks book; what fabulous tools.   – Take care and have a great day, A. USA.


Bryan, Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the Destiny Path sessions. It was an extraordinary experience and I have been delighted at how I am expanding exponentially into a much higher level of potential. I love your work and feel especially blessed to have been a part of this momentum of energy. You rock!  I’m all in 🙂 J. USA


Thank you Bryan for adding me to your e-mail list! I have been using your accelerators and have been on the last two teleconferences. I must say that it has been so refreshing to be taught by someone without a New Age attitude and who admitted to actually eating junk food! The energy from last night teleconference was astounding! The past week I have been getting up every morning and meditating using the techniques that you have taught me. Thanks for getting me back to work on my spiritual disciplines again. I had gotten a tad bit lazy the past couple of years, your work has certainly inspired me!  Enjoy your evening! M. USA


I first was made aware of Bryan de Flores’ work over seven years ago when I attended a New Year’s Eve gathering where Bryan spoke and showed the Crystal Skull images. I knew it was a fantastic event, but not at the time did I foresee how it would be a turning point in my life. The accelerator images are beautiful, eye-opening and captivating. They must be the easiest and most fantastic way to upgrade your consciousness! But I do think it’s the conferences, whether in person, or on the telephone that I enjoy the most. Bryan is a fascinating speaker and has the ability to make even the most complicated topics understandable and reachable for everyone, even the novice. I never fail to walk away or hang up the phone and think, well, I learned something new today! I believe he refers to it as “street spirituality”. It’s straightforward, not “airy-fairy” but grounded and meant to help us right now, at this point in time. He’s very much in this reality and dealing with all of the same things that I have to deal with on a daily basis. This is what I need and what speaks to me the most. Although I may stumble on the journey (and believe me, I have), I’m so grateful to have a guide, like Bryan de Flores, to lead me through providing suggestions along the path. M. R. – California



Please contact Bryan directly for more information regarding showings, exhibitions or large custom prints for both personal and commercial spaces at starfireart@aol.com




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