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Shawn Sungwook Lee - Free Energy Clearing, Distance Reiki & Lightwave Service  www.ascensionfire.com

Angelic Reiki Training - Workshops & Retreats - Your Conscious Connection to your Soul, Angelic Realm,

Ascended Masters & Galactic Healers  www.angelicreikitraining.com

Muriel AliciaDistant energy healing for animals and people.  Handmade Flower & Crystal Essences  www.celestialhealinglight.com

Kim Caldwell - Archangelology Series Systematically Anchors In Peace, Well-Being & Abundance www.togetherpublishing.com

Camille Q. England – Galactic Ambassador, Transcendent Healing  c.q.england@att.net

 Sunny Sims – Personalized Alchemical God Codes Illuminated Art to help purify, heal and restructure
with guidance from above.

Carol Swanson - Medical Intuitive Readings / Alternative Healing Options  www.carol-swanson.com

Wei - Quantum Energy Healer & Regressionist  www.reconnection.wekterk.com

Sheila Graham - Psychic Readings & Lightwave  www.angelstarfleet.com/Sheila.html

Coralie Pedersen – Sound Alchemy & Lightwave  www.angelstarfleet.com/Coralie.html

Would you like your name and business listed on this page?   Our advertising service allows you to reach new clients, make new friends and join an international team of very dedicated light workers! We are now offering you the opportunity to have your name listed on our website. Advertising will assist you in promoting your services, products, business and website; introducing you to new clients from all over the world! Your name and business will be listed on the Community page of our website.  We will contact you with all the details! If you have any questions, email us at lightquest@sbcglobal.net.

One Month - $20Three Months - $50


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Bryan and the LightQuest Team would like to honor  you on your birthday.  Just send us your name, email address & birth date and we will send a surprise gift to you on your special day!

Each person needs to sign up for this special gift service through their own email address.



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