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Lightbody Matrix Christ Consciousness
Activation Template
Rainbow Pyramid
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Purchase of Lightbody Matrix, Activation Template or Rainbow Pyramid above includes a free Large Technology Tag!

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Purchase of all three items: Lightbody Matrix, Christ Consciousness Activation Poster, Psychic Positive Energy Pyramid
includes Large Technology Tag & Session Notes!

Lightbody Matrix Crystal - This amazing aurora borealis crystal creates an acceleration of light in your body or in your home. Hang this beautiful Swarovski light-reflecting crystal in a window or wear it as a pendant to activate your light body!   $26

Christ Consciousness Activation Template - This activation poster is a beacon of Christ Consciousness light and energy which will enhance the vibration in, through and around your home.  This image was also designed to magnify your energy healing abilities and help you keep a strong connection to your guides and angels.  You can place the poster anywhere you like in your home or office and watch the magic unfold!  23" x 16"  $35

Rainbow Psychic  'Positive Energy' Pyramid - This beautiful rainbow pyramid infuses your home, business or travel space with positive energy and magic.  It is an important Feng Shui tool which will assist you in the manifestation of your destiny and spiritual path in life.  Place near the center of your home. Glass, 2.5" tall    $24

Miracles & Possibilities Session Notes ~ $17



Ashtar Command Technology Tags - Designed by the Ashtar Command, these stick-on tags transmute harmful, energetic signals as well as upgrade all types of electronic devices.  Simply placing a tag on the desired appliance creates a crystal clear 'lock-on' signal beam directly to the Command's main computer system on their primary Star Fleet ship.  This link-up allows those using the device to receive information directly from the Command without interference.

Small Technology TagLarge Technology Tag

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