Incoming High Velocity Frequencies


Incoming High Velocity Frequencies!

 by Bryan de Flores

Hello and happy holidays to everyone!  In response to many requests I receive for transformational products, videos and health items, etc. I have compiled a list of my favorites below.  I was led to all of these items by my spiritual guides who always recommend high-energy, healing and very informative (and unusual) things which really upgrade my energy.  These 5D inspired creations demonstrate part of the incoming ‘new paradigm’ stream of energy.  Additionally, these items contain frequency upgrades and greatly diversify one’s consciousness; many of which are free of charge such as the videos.

So, with great pleasure I would like to introduce to you a series of frequency fields to transform your mind, body and spirit.  To understand and properly integrate with these offerings it is important to release your preferences toward certain things and allow your Higher Self to assimilate as many of the frequencies as possible.  Enjoy!

The Yantra Mat – These acupressure mats are an amazing and revolutionary health technology which relaxes, de-stresses and refreshes the mind and body.  The intense energy of this mat instantly grabbed my attention…wonderful!

‘Rice Dream’ Frozen Mint Pies – Yum-O!  Everyone who I have recommended these to is hooked! And honestly, when is a better time to enjoy these yummy, (non-dairy) oatmeal cookie treats than in the cold of winter.

Omnec Onec, Ambassa dor from Venus- Truly one of the most fascinating, multidimensional stories ever written.  The unique work is the personal account of a living human being who was, with her full consent and active cooperation, transported to Earth via spacecraft from her home planet.

SOS Radio for Life – Truly inspirational radio programming that is focused on joy, revelation and Christ Consciousness.  This Christian-based radio program includes fantastic music, seminars and funny stories that lift the human spirit.  You can listen online if you like!

Food Matters - This DVD is one of the most interesting and informative ‘new paradigm’ health documentaries that I have ever seen.

Sergio Lub Magnetic Bracelets – I wear these quite a bit to ground, balance and stabilize my body.  To quote the website’s description, these are made of solid pure copper, jewelers brass & german silver and are hand formed & heat-treated to retain their malleability and adjust to a perfect fit.  The magnets are inlaid on the inside at each end.  They are made of rare earth neodymium and have a permanent charge of 4,000 to 5,600 gauss per bracelet.  When worn, the magnets naturally cover the acupuncture points of the wrist.

Perelandra Soul Ray Essences - Years ago I purchased this set of flower essences on a recommendation from the Ascended Masters.  They are great for balancing the body during its transformative shifts.  The garden essences are also wonderful….I could even see the broccoli deva in the bottle!

Time Travel Videos -   WOW, these are two totally fascinating accounts of real time travel caught on film.

Selifica -  Channeled and developed through the ‘Damanhur’ and elemental alchemy matrixes, this jewelry is simply magical.  When I first saw these bracelets, I instantly remembered wearing them in Atlantis eons ago. I personally use a variety of these all the time, especially when I am teaching and giving the Paramagnetic Alignments.

Volcano Man - G. Brad Lewis’ beautiful photographs capture the element of fire and the beauty of the inner earth in its most primal form.  Order one for yourself as a Christmas present, especially if you tend to lack this base elemental force inside of you, as it brings forth passion, fortitude and strength.

UFO’s Creating a Crop Circle - Do you want to see how a crop circle is formed?  Well here it is….incredible!

Are you ready to go home to 5D Earth? - This is far and above one of the best (and most truthful) spiritual YouTube videos of the year…for all lightworkers!

Rescue Energy - This is a revolution and revelation for the transforming human body at this time of ascension.  I take this during the day to give me extra energy and help my body to integrate the often intense information downloads I receive from the Federation.  It also dissolves any stresses instigated by many long hours on the computer or at the office.

Cocktail of the Gods - 4 ounces of apple juice, 2 ounces of Welch's Grape Juice and 1-2 tablespoons of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar three times a week.  Very refreshing and super-healing for the body!

Mafu (Penny Torres) - Very simply, this video showcases the knowledge and talent of one of the most impressive trance channels of our time.  In this clip, two ‘very 3D’ skeptics attempt to debunk the myth of Mafu…but are instead given a taste of their own medicine…hilarious!

Flensted Mobiles - These are awesome creations which bring the element of air into your home.  I have three of these in my home and really love the way they keep the energy flowing throughout.

Crystal Island - An absolutely stunning design, channeled directly from the Divine Blueprint for the new ‘Golden Age’.

Sarah Brightman - Shall be Done (Panasonic Song)A great piece of light inspiration from the former mermaid and fairy queen.

YouTube Special Notes: As most people know, some YouTube videos are low resolution, so some may not be crystal clear…but you still get the energy!  To view the videos full screen, click on the rectangle in the far lower right by the small video screen.  Also, once in a while videos will be taken off YouTube for various reasons, if this occurs just type in the name, as there is usually more than one available for viewing.


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