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Earthstar: List of Things to Energize


Spiritual Ambassadors

Energize all God-Appointed Spiritual Teachers, Ambassadors, Lightworkers, Starseeds and Ashtar Commanders on the planet….sending positive energy, protection, healing, clarity, abundance, inspiration and perseverance to all.  You could also surround all of these people in protective golden shields of light and infuse their minds and hearts with shining suns of Christ consciousness.

Political & World Leaders

Align all political and world leaders with their Higher Selves and energize & strengthen a humanitarian focus within them.

Friendship & Friendliness

Energize friendliness and friendship all over the planet….energize that everyone is friendly to one another on the planet. (see everyone hearts connecting, joining hands…laughing together.

Children & Babies

Send light, inspiration, support, protection and joy to all children around the planet...connecting them all with their guardian angels and guides.

Teenagers and Young Adults

Pray that all teenagers and young adults are guided onto their true destiny paths, giving them clarity, discernment and integrity in everything they do.

Truth & Disclosure

Pray that the truth in all global government activities are revealed.

Entertainment Industry

Energize that positive music, movies and other areas of the entertainment industry are infused with uplifting and inspiring spirit guided energy and content in every way. You can also state that all people involved in the entertainment industry are working in higher consciousness to produce programs and products that are for the good of humanity.

Higher Ideas & Solutions

Energize that people who have innovative solutions for the environment, society, business, politics etc. are given the finances and the ability to manifest these ideas into reality.


Visualize appropriate housing is given to all people on the planet…regardless of their financial or social status.

Planetary Environmental Assistance

Send the teams of angels and the calming blue ray into situations such as wildfires, floods, earthquakes, tornados and other disasters and extreme weather situations all over the planet.

Purifying Earth’s Water Systems

Infuse all of the oceans, streams, rivers and water supplies around planet Earth with purification, enlightenment, positive energy and healing light.

Animal Kingdom

Send prayers, positive energy, protection and healing to the animal and bird kingdoms all over the planet.

Marine Life

Send prayers, positive energy and balancing frequencies to all the marine life around the planet.

Insect Kingdom

Send prayers, positive energy and balancing frequencies to the insect kingdom all over the planet.

Trees & Flora Kingdom

Send prayers, positive energy and balancing frequencies to all the trees, plants and flowers all over the planet.

Natural Wilderness Areas

Visualize rainbow protection shields of light surrounding the jungles, rainforests, deserts, mountains and all wilderness areas around the world.

Local Nature, Animals & Wildlife

Send the emerald healing green ray of light to all the trees, plants, animals and other wildlife in your area…thanking them for their work and assistance.

Clear Skies & Fresh Air

Infuse the sky and clouds with pure positive energy…clearing all pollution and visualize fresh air moving through cities and towns dissolving all pollution everywhere.

Balance Technologies

Clear and balance all technologies around the planet…infusing all electronics, EMF and other frequencies with pure positive energy so they are resonant and compatible with the human spiritual energy field

Free Energy

Pray for free energy and pure sources of fuel to become available for all.


Energize that the education systems promote valuable content that nurtures and inspires people of all ages to be more creative, compassionate, open hearted and open minded.

Magical Surprise

Energize a magical surprise for every individual on Earth today. Visualize billions of multi-colored balloons sending one to every person on the planet.


Make sure that all children, teenagers, adults and the elderly on the planet are protected, safe and cared for at all  times.

Energy Vortexes

Send clockwise spirals of positive energy and Gold Christ light into all the vortexes around the planet. (You can name the vortexes if you like)

Magic & Miracles

Pray for millions of miracles to manifest around the planet each and every day.

Galactic Planetary Assistance

Ask our galactic brothers and sisters to assist with the recalibration of the planetary matrix into higher consciousness.

UFO Contact

Ask for more positive UFO contact and extraterrestrial visitations from all around the planet each & every day.

Planetary Force Fields  

Surround the planet with golden force fields of light and protection to strengthen and initiate Ascension on Earth.

Cities of Light

Energize that the cities of light are manifesting all over the Earth now.

Golden Ages

Call for the return of the creativity and beauty of the previous Golden Ages of light to manifest in the here and now.

Ascension Infusion

Send ascension spirals of light into the hearts and minds of all of humanity.

Happiness Fun & Laughter

Send the energies of happiness, joy, fun and laughter all around the planet.

Planetary Healing

Send waves of healing, renewal and restoration all around the Earth.

Hospitals & Healing

Send positive energy and the healing rays of light to all those in hospitals, nursing homes and everyone in need of healing around the planet.

Rescue Workers

Also energize that all the people who work in the medical and healing areas, Fireman, rescue workers, paramedics, coast guard and rescue organizations are guided and aligned with their higher selves at all times.

Holistic Practitioners

Enhance and strengthen all of the healing powers of all holistic practitioners and energy workers around the planet.

Miracle Cures

Energize that miracle healing cures are discovered and made easily available for everyone around the planet.

Holistic Cures

Pray that more holistic and natural healing options become accepted and used throughout the world.

Financial Balance

Balance the energy of money all over the planet….making sure that each and every individual has all the money they need to live a good life.

Financial Industries

Pray that all the people working in financial industries around the world are aligned and working for the highest good of humanity at all times.

Global Financial Prosperity

Pray that all the individuals on the planet recognize the importance of contributing money, time and energy to helping the global community to grow and prosper.


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