Earthstar: Ashtar Command Summit

Earthstar Annual Ashtar Command Summit Experience


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Earthstar Special 4 images for $24*

112 - Ancient Artifacts165 - Celestial Heirarchy to the Rescue209 - The Bridge233 - Contact
#112 Ancient Artifacts
#165 Celestial Heirarchy
#209 The Bridge
#233 Contact

*Earthstar Accelerators ~ $24
#112, #165, # 209, #233
*Any 4 Accelerators of Your Choice ~ $24
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Exclusive Position of the Fleet free image with every product order!

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This special and very important diagram shows the primary star fleet ships currently assisting Earth and humanity.  Although there are millions of other ships around the Earth in other dimensions, these Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan, Arcturian, Ashtar Command and Alpha Centurian fleet ships are closest to us and our main source of help at the moment.


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