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Transformational Images by Artist & Visionary Bryan de Flores

Each of the images has a specific purpose and is designed to energize and activate the viewer; simply looking at them will have a positive effect on people and their surroundings!   Bryan receives many of the images through dreams, visions and through his daily communications with Spirit.  All of the original images are hand drawn with the occasional addition of digital backgrounds and slight enhancements.  As he is drawing the images, he becomes aware of the meaning through mental impressions and intuition.  Shown below is a close-up of a portion of the full image minus the background and definition.  There are many ways to choose the images...simply select the images you are attracted to or you can select them by the key word and/or description below them.

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The Messenger # D1 Shamrock Magic 2 # D2Seven Swords # D3
(Angelic Extraterrestrial Beings) (Luck & Spontaneity) (Power, Energy & Support)
Digital Digital Digital

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Channeled from Walt Disney and linked to Arcturus, this image represents a blending of ‘angelic’ extraterrestrial and human energies to create new beings, which are currently being birthed on Earth; the three gold symbols triangulate to assist in materialization of an ancient promise; a marriage of the heart, creating re-unification and new levels of higher diversity.  Rose Quartz.  D1

SHAMROCK MAGIC – Luck & Spontaneity

Channeled through by the Leprechaun & Fairy Kingdoms, this image triggers magical thoughts and emotions within the viewer; allowing one to live a more spontaneous and free lifestyle. Additionally, when meditated upon, it will activate and surround one with the energy of luck, prosperity and pure joy. Shamrock Magic is also connected to the Emerald Ray and the Malachite healing stone.  D2


Connected to the Seven Archangels Michael, Jophiel, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, Zadkiel and Chamuel, these swords give you the power, energy and support of these Divine Beings…and when you call on them, they will guide, instruct and help you deal with any negativity, conflict or attack you may be experiencing in any situations.  D3

Cosmic Intersection # D4 I am God 2 # D5Beyond the Veil # D6
(Time Travel & DNA Activation) (Contemplation, Purpose & Direction) (Expands Interdimensional Vision)
Digital Digital Digital

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Time-travel template; intersecting point of 12 different timeline superhighways near the Great Central Sun; activates the 3rd and 4th chakras; DNA accelerator; diversifies one’s frequencies, allowing one to traverse different web-works of time and space. D4

I AM GOD – Contemplation, Purpose & Direction

Activates one’s power as a co-creator and steward of Earth; enhances meditation and deep-trance states; promotes internal introspection & contemplation; assists in the manifestation of one’s mission & purpose; promotes focus and clarity, renews one’s mind, body & spirit.  D5


A glimpse into the higher 4th dimensional galactic realms; electrical diagram of a giant mothership establishing a permanent link with Earth; activates vortex & ley-line energies; awakens and enlightens humans; opens the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras; connected to the Arcturians and the Galactic Command.  D6

Miriam # D7 Alpha & Omega # D8Apek # D9
(Leadership, Prophecy & Unity) (Divine Wholeness & Balance) (Will, Faith & Spiritual Power)
Digital Digital Digital

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Prophetess from Biblical times; Sister of Aaron & Moses
Leadership, Prophesy, Unity & Compassion  D7


The Beginning & the Ending; the In-breath and the Out-breath of God; Divine Wholeness; Masculine & Feminine Polarity in Cosmic Christ Consciousness  D8


Server of the Blue Ray and the main auxiliary of El Morya: Service, Protection and Spiritual Power  D9

Escalation - Ark of the Covenant
# D10
Majesty 2 # D11Energy into Matter # D12
(Faith & Trust) (Activates Your Perfect Life Plan) (Magnetism & Manifestation)
Digital Digital Digital


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New ‘fire-letter’ activation sequences for transforming the body into light; connected to Jesus, the Sea of Galilee and the Andromeda star system; revitalizes the human energy systems; allows one to trust and have faith in the divine processes & timing.  D10


This image activates the memory, the power and the majesty of your ‘perfect’ life-plan: it initiates the unfoldment of the 12 angelic manuscripts within the human blueprint; triggers a high sentience within the mental body, decreasing over-processing (overthinking) of situations & events; through frequent viewing, this image will set up a filter system within your auric field removing stress and promoting inspiration and happiness; connected Ezekiel, Moses and the Solar Archangels.  D11

ENERGY INTO MATTER – Magnetism & Manifestation

Brainstorm energy matrix; the point of creation where energy becomes matter; magnetizes higher thought-forms into physical manifestation; initiates movement into multidimensional consciousness; magnetizes one’s dreams & desires. D12

Neptune's Triton # D13 New Gold Dream 2 # D14Fleur De Lys # D15
(Confidence & Self Expression) (Templar Knights & Vision) (Protection Symbol &
Prosperity Enhancer)
Digital Digital Digital

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NEPTUNE'S TRITON -  Confidence & Self-Expression

Boosts power, confidence, passion and strength of spirit; enhances one's leadership abilities and freedom of expression; balances the emotions and clears psychological stress; pierces the veils of illusion and empowers one to become the master of their own destiny.  D13

NEW GOLD DREAM – Templar Knights & Vision

The reawakening of the Templar Knights lineage; ignites one’s understanding of sacred spiritual laws and the ancient codes upheld by the great warriors and defenders of the Light; gives one the vision and resolve to follow their own divine plan without fail; helps to strengthen one’s leadership abilities and boost confidence; assists one to be steadfast and focused in regards to their mission and spiritual quest on Earth.  D14

FLEUR DE LYS…Whatever You Desire! – Protection Symbol & Prosperity Enhancer

Ancient matrix for enhancing one's manifestation powers; brings one’s inner desires to life; manifests into form dreams of many lifetimes; royal symbol of truth, conviction and honor; a representation of the god & goddess; protection symbol & prosperity enhancer; heralds the birth of the 7th Golden Age; connected to the Templar Emissaries of Light and Camelot.   D15

El Morya # D16 Uriel & Dona Grace # D17Kwan Yin # D18
(Power, Goodwill & Faith)(Flame of God & Service) (Goddess of Mercy & Compasion)
Digital Digital Digital

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Master of the Blue Flame, Chohan of the 1st Ray and Carrier of the Sword of Truth; Power, Goodwill & Faith  D16


The Flame of God; Archangel of Ministration, Service & Peace
Goddess of the Dawn; Archeia of the 6th Ray; also known as Aurora.  D17


Goddess of Mercy, Compassion, Love & Forgiveness  D18


Crown of the Sacred Fire
Royal Seal 2 # D20Bridge of Purification
(Purification Temple) (Perfection of Mind, Body & Spirit) (Cellular Detoxification &
Cellular Re-patterning)
Digital Digital Digital

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Enter this Temple of God for purification, transmutation and the realization of the Ascension; symbolizes the moment of Truth for any soul desiring self-realization; balances the entire chakra system; opens the Great Octave in one’s Spirit; connected to the Temple of Enoch & the Sphere of Truth.  D19


Renewal of the human spirit; return to the true ‘Seed of Life’; triggers the perfection of one’s mind, body and spirit; raises one’s consciousness to the 5th dimensional level; manifestation of pure divine love into the physical realm; restores perfect harmony & reconnection to the magical world of nature; ignites deep appreciation of beauty in all of its forms; triggers enchanted creativity; brings forth the original divine sound that will be heard by every living soul on Earth as Atlantis rises again. D20

THE BRIDGE OF PURIFICATION – Cellular Detoxification & Re-Patterning

Cellular template clears out old patterning & detoxes the body; initiates DNA activation through the Master Cell; sets up new cellular light patterning and youthens the body. D21

6D Chronomonitor # D22 Celestial Magic 2 # D23The Signal # D24
(Time Travel Amplifier) (Mental Clarity & Synchronicities) (Contact & Teleportation)
Digital Digital Digital

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Ancient time-travel technology matrix; decodes and translates languages from other worlds; releases trapped light within the body and restores molecular integrity; connected to Mayans, Lemurians & indigenous cultures.  D22

CELESTIAL MAGIC –Mental Clarity & Synchronicities

A magical, cosmic doorway and focusing template which allows one greater access to multidimensional information; stimulates higher thought-forms and understandings; helps to calibrate one’s energy field into the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensional frequencies each time it is viewed. D23

THE SIGNAL: Ashtar Command Beam-Up Signature – Contact & Teleportation

Allows an individual to be contacted and ‘beamed-up’ to the ship in the event of a disaster or other emergency situation; an energetic locator that allows the signal bearer to be found by the Ashtar Command ships anywhere on the planet, when direct contact and teleportation to a ship is necessary; an ancient Earth stargate symbol used for transport to other galaxies and dimensions; enables one to receive personal telepathic transmissions and important key information including current planetary updates from the Command. In order to embody the locator transmission, it is important to clearly visualize and feel it in your mind & heart each day to keep the signal strong.  D24

Amethyst # D25 Orion & Angelica # D26Saint Germain # D27
(Freedom, Invocation & Ceremony) (Fire of God & Service) (Keeper of the Violet Flame)
Digital Digital Digital

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Achaeia of the 7th Ray & Twin Flame of Archangel Zadkiel; Freedom, Mercy & Ceremony; Guards the Powers of Invocation  D25


Elohim of the 3rd Ray & Twin Flames; Divine Love & Cosmic Love;
Companions on Inner & Outer Journeys; Pink Ruby   D26


Keeper of the Violet Flame of Freedom;
Master of Alchemy, Transmutation & Ascension  D27/LG

Tetras # D28 Apportation 2 # D29Blue Hawaii # D30
(New Thought Forms & Concepts) (Manifestation Powers) (Healing Energy)
Digital Digital Digital

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TETRAS #1 – New Thought Forms & Concepts

Linked to the Hale-Bopp comet & the United Galactic Federation; brings assistance & support from other worlds; holographic matrix comprised of new thought-forms & energy fields; ethereal healer/physician; opens one to new concepts and ideas.  D28

One of the series of images I channeled directly after my destiny awakening.  It depicts the now famous celestial vehicle which accompanied the Hale-Bopp comet in 1996/1997.  As with all comets and meteors, Hale-Bopp acted as an awakener and activator of individuals on many different planets including Earth.  The object that was cited and photographed by many astronomers was actually an inter-dimensional spaceship which was tethering and often guiding the comet to its destinations and to complete its destiny.  The celestial object was known as Tetras and was actually the size of a small planet.  It could change form, become invisible at will, as well as move back and forth and in & out of wormholes to collect personnel and information from other locations.  Bryan


An ‘Apportation’ is usually a jewel (or other physical object) or structure that manifests out of etheric substance into this physical reality.  Each apportation contains an ethereal energy signature indicating what realm it was sent from and its purpose.  Although ‘apportations’ are rare, they often spontaneously manifest through the eyes, the mouth, the ears or the hands of an individual who is channeling high levels of energy.  These magical, immortal creations carry very large energy matrixes from the Ascended Masters, the Archangels and the Galactic Command.  This accelerator allows you to experience firsthand the complete multidimensional visual matrixing of an apportation.  This will help you to spontaneously and continuously attract more of this type of ethereal energy and magical synchronicities into your life. D29

BLUE HAWAII - Healing Energy

Restoration & regeneration image designed to support the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual human bodies;  This image is connected to the Hawaiian Ascended Masters, the Elementals (fairies and devas) and the Flora Kingdom's who are all assisting humanity at this time.  Visualize this image moving in a spiraling pattern in and around your body…allowing it to transform you on every level. D30

Rainbow Light Cities # D31 Credence 2 # D32Changes # D33
(5th Dimensional Temples) (Clear Communication
& Public Speaking )
(Clears Fear & Unconscious Stress)
vDigital Digital Digital

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Etheric Cities of Light anchoring from the galactic level; new designs and architectural marvels for Earth; connected to the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation. Contemplation on this image lifts the spirit and the energy of the entire planet. Focused meditation on this image will manifest the cities more quickly into our physical realm.  D31

CREDENCE– Clear Communication & Public Speaking

Enables one to speak the truth and help others to understand spiritual concepts; this ‘Divine Languaging’ amulet activates higher dimensional voice patterns and tonal vibrations; clears miscommunication between friends, family members and professional colleagues regarding one's views and lifestyle.  D32

CHANGES – Clears Fear & Unconscious Stress

Currently we are all experiencing great changes, both in our consciousness and around our planet. This is part of a divinely orchestrated process which the Earth and her inhabitants are going through, in order to return to the original perfect pattern of peace, unity and God-consciousness. This image symbolically depicts the challenges we are faced with at this time. Meditation on this image will help to balance any fears or worries about the future in addition to protecting our physical, mental and emotional bodies from negative or limiting projections. It is important to visualize yourself moving through the stone doorway and releasing/cleansing everything inside of you that is resistant to your highest potential.  D33

Amazonia # D34 Mary Magdalene # D35Serapis Bey # D36
(Power, Protection & Opulence) (Sacred Sexuality & Healing) (Keeper of the Ascension Flame)
Digital Digital Digital

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Elohim of the 1st Ray & Twin Flame of Hercules; Power, Perfection, Omnipotence and Protection; Blue Sapphire  D34


Divine Earth Companion to Jesus Christ; Sacred Sexuality, Hope, Devotion, Healing & Love  D35


Chohan of the 4th Ray; High Priest from Atlantis;
Keeper of the Ascension Flame  D36

Sword of Light & Truth # D37 Secret Chamber # D38High Frequency Yin Energy Vehicle
# D39
(Dissolves Illusions & Protects Aura) (Remote Access & Secret Knowledge) (Ignites Motivation & Willpower)
Digital Digital Digital

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SWORD OF LIGHT & TRUTH – Dissolves Illusions & Protects Aura

Cuts through all illusions within an individual’s consciousness and dissolves any imbalanced etheric cording within one’s energy field; calls forth the power of the Archangels; repels negative energy from entering one’s auric field. D37

SECRET CHAMBER – Remote Access & Secret Knowledge

A mysterious cave with many super-luminal anomalous light sources…an open chest adorned by a Templar cross…a floating table with a strange glowing geometrical object in its center, surrounded by a circle of levitating swords…a brightly lit magnetic doorway in the background beckoning you forward. What can it all mean? This drawing is a “psychic photograph” which I rendered as I was remote-viewing various locations around the planet. As I entered the vision, I asked to be shown the current location of the Cup of Christ. Instantly, I arrived here, in this secret underground chamber and began to explore for myself its hidden secrets. By meditating with this image, you too will be able to gain access to long-lost secrets and mythical artifacts only known to a precious few. D38

HIGH-FREQUENCY YIN ENERGY VEHICLE –Ignites Motivation & Willpower

Vortex of passion and courage; clears 1st & 2nd chakras and regenerates reproductive system; ignites independent motivation and willpower; helps dissolve limitations regarding money & physical stability. D39

Lady Nada # D40 Confucius # D41Isis # D42
(Twin Flame of Jesus Christ) (Wisdom and Purity) (Goddess of Power & Magic)
Digital Digital Digital

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Master of the Rose Temple; Chohan of the 6th Ray,
Compassion, Healing & Upliftment  D40


Master of Mind & Circumstance; Keeper of the “Precipitation Flame” (Green-Gold); Teacher of Poetic Spiritual Wisdom  D41


Egyptian Sun Goddess of Initiation, Beauty, Strength,
Courage, Power & Magic  D42


Shemalea Galactic Flower
from Venus # D43
Mary Queen of Angels 2 # D44Geometries of Light #2 # 45
(Youth, Vitality & Relationships) (Purity, Clarity & Grace ) (Chakra Blueprint)
Digital Digital Digital

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Balances & supports the functioning of the transitioning human body system; strengthens connection to nature and all subtle life forms; promotes healing on many levels and nourishes the body, renewing energy and vitality; natural life support system; strengthens symbiotic relationships between all lifeforms; enhances harmonious relationships with others; brings greater awareness, understanding of interconnectedness of all things.  D43

MARY, QUEEN OF THE ANGELS – Purity, Clarity & Grace

This accelerator represents one of the most common connection points to the energy of Mother Mary and the purity & clarity of the Blue Ray. It is one of the supreme symbolic “Seals of Light” continually being projected through our planet, both as a healing force and as a cleansing ray of light. Visualize or energetically infuse this “Seal of Mary” into your heart chakra, initiating a lift in consciousness and an infusion of compassion, grace and purity. D44

GEOMETRIES OF LIGHT Angelic Chakra Grid #1 – Physical Healing & Chakra Balancing

Stellar activation template for the human body; makes adjustments in the human chakratic system in order to accommodate incoming light frequencies; assists one in releasing distortions within the physical body and experiencing their Lightbody; balances the body’s meridian system & trigger points; activates the solar (external) chakras. D45

Prince Oromasis #D46 Afra & Africa # D47Saint Germain # D48
(Hierarch of the Fire Element)(Patrons of the Black Race)(Keeper of the Violet Flame)
Digital Digital Digital

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Hierarch of the Fire Element; Master of the Sparkling Flame; Directs the Sacred Fire to Earth. D46


Patrons of Africa and the Black Race; First of Their Race to Ascend; Faith, Freedom, Justice & Mercy D47


Keeper of the Violet Flame of Freedom;
Master of Alchemy, Transmutation & Ascension  D48/SM


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