There are millions of intelligent life forms that co-exist with us in our multidimensional universe. Many of these beings inhabit a variety of angelic & extraterrestrial forms, and many are human just like us. Some of the more evolved species form groups and alliances to help the other life streams evolve and form new connections. This web site and accompanying artwork is a product of my connection and communication with many of these intelligences. It is all designed to awaken, enlighten and inspire you as your soul’s journey continues into the future. Enjoy, Bryan

Nootropic "Smart Drugs" & Ascension

by Bryan de Flores



Behind the scenes, the Ashtar Command has been devising a revolutionary plan for triggering ascension, which includes certain nootropic elements and other special ingredients for rapid awakening and accelerated brain re-patterning.  What are nootropics?  Basically, nootropics are a group of brain enhancing supplements or 'smart drugs' that are used to improve concentration, boost memory power, attention spans, help individuals focus, learn and study. Nootropics are often referred to as “smart drugs” as they are associated with increased intelligence, motivation and mental energy.  However, unlike prescription or recreational (illegal) drugs which cause negative side effects with long-term use, nootropics are safe, protect the brain and pose a very low risk of side effects when used appropriately.

It all began when the movie ‘Limitless’ brought in the possibility and a potential for humanity to be able to enhance their mental, emotional and physical capabilities through a special formula called NZT 48 which could transform thinking to create an unlimited mind that is free from restrictions and enable one to live in an expanded, exciting and revolutionary way……way beyond our current reality.  Similarly the movie ‘The Matrix’ brought in the possibility for downloading energetic etheric programs from the higher dimensions…this was evidenced in the scene where the character Trinity, quickly downloaded a program for flying a helicopter within seconds.  These possibilities and others are now available for humans to ascend through the utilization of certain specific formulations and processes being given to us by the Ashtar Command and Ascended Masters.

Nootropics open the doorway to expanded ways of the thinking and connecting with our multi-dimensional selves.  The Ashtar Command's plan which includes nootropics such as Piracetam, Huperzine and 5-HTP along with certain energy processes is already underway.  And as the general public begin to  break free of the control programs of this reality and expand their consciousness through the use of these formulations, they will be more open to the calling and voice of their spirit and to the higher realities of ascension and Christ Consciousness...nootropics are the vehicle helping to create the bridge into the next reality.

The benefits of nootropics are endless and include mood enhancement, speed of thinking, reduced anxiety and general mental upliftment and improved athletic performance.  In addition, nootropics will enhance one's spiritual gifts of telepathy, awaken & expand the higher chakras and allow the mind to grasp the higher thought-streams and ascension matrixes....without rendering one susceptible to the manipulation of mass-consciousness programming and the multidimensional control of  questionable extraterrestial agendas.  Truly, a new self within us awaits revelation through the renewal & awakening of our human brain circuitry which will connect us once again with the higher dimensions...this is what nootropics can do for us!  To be continued...

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The Pleiadian and Timmer Races  

Sharing Galactic Technology in the New Milleennium!



Throughout the cosmos there are an infinite number of advanced races and cultures who are always assisting others by sharing their wisdom, knowledge and technology. In the spirit of promoting goodwill and advancement for all, these offerings include many multidimensional systems of thought and mental technologies which accelerate progress expanding consciousness within the universal family of light. Two such races, the Pleiadians and the Timmers, have an interwoven destiny that has spanned many millennia, evolving both human-extraterrestrial races to new levels within a very short period of time.



The well-known Pleiadians reside in our galaxy within the seven-star system known as the Pleiades.  They are our closest ancestors and look very similar to us, although they have evolved to a higher state of physical perfection than Earth humans.  The Timmers began their evolution in the 7th universe and are one of the most highly-developed human civilizations in the known universal creation.  They have ascended to such a level that they embody the purest form of celestial energy within a human body.  Their holographic world and technologies are quite astounding, but it is their consciousness and the way they process information that is truly unique and admired by many races throughout the cosmos.

Pleiadian 2 with rounded edges

Recently the three inhabited Pleiadian worlds have ascended from the 5th into the 6th dimension of time and space where the Timmers reside.  This has triggered a whole new level of connection between the races and brought about the ultimate exchange of technology; a transfer of specific light encodements, allowing the Pleiadian race to manifest the color-frequency consciousness that the Timmers possess.  Although the Pleiadians have already developed their brain capacity to a much higher level than our own, this will allow them to experience a completely new and unique way of receiving and processing universal data.  This new mental recalibration prompts the brain to follow multiple frequency bands, allowing one to count, catalog, combine and reconfigure data at the speed of light.  As your consciousness follows the frequency combinations you are able to perceive nine different perspectives on the same subject simultaneously.

P3 with rounded edges

The  Timmers say their unique consciousness configuration began as a series of  physical manifestations and evolved to public experiments/experiences; creating  what they describe as an almost instantaneous infusion of consciousness for  their entire race. This technology is  now born into each individual, but enhanced during childhood through visual  stimulation, such as what is pictured here.  The Timmer color frequency templates you are viewing were designed and  created by myself, under the instruction of the Timmers/Pleiadians and set into  motion by Coralie Pedersen. What may seem at first as simplistic imagery is  actually a highly complex way of processing information at the  speed-of-light. The Timmers say that  simply looking at the imagery a few times each week will expand our  brain capacity and allow us a glimpse of the future and of our unlimited  potential.  Enjoy, Bryan

Special Note: The Timmer technology images above are most effective and best integrated when viewed from a distance of five to six feet (1.5 to 2 meters).


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In the Spirit of Giving...


In the spirit of giving, all lightworkers should do what they can to assist others around the globe as humanity encounters various challenges. Giving $3, $5, $10 or more to those in need is a great way to show your support and help people to rebuild their lives and regain their dignity. Additionally, sending light and energy each day to those currently experiencing global challenges will assist them in many seen and unseen ways. Join us in this united effort!

Many blessings to you! Bryan and the LightQuest Team

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